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A Bit of History

This is version 2 of the Wellytonian Blog. The name is a nod to my time living in Wellington, NZ, where I first started blogging back in 2009. However, around 2017, when I became a father, I had to step back from much of the community work I was involved in, including blogging, meetups, and the Azure Global Bootcamp, to focus on my new role.

The Phoenix Rises

Now, having recently become a dad for the second time and feeling more settled in my parental responsibilities, I’m eager to re-engage with the community. The first step in this journey is rebuilding the blog from the ground up. Out goes WordPress and its myriad plugins that kept the old site alive, and in comes a static website, namely Hugo.

What to Expect

Over the past 11 years (as of Feb 2024), I’ve immersed myself in the Cloud Space, starting with engineering, building cloud practices, and helping customers with their cloud journey and maturity. Despite the years of experience, I still encounter something new almost every day. In the fast-paced world of IT, if you’re not pushing the boundaries regularly, you risk getting left behind. This blog is my platform to share my personal journey in this ever-evolving field.


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    • Addressing theme issues.

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Feb 2024