ACC levy increase for Motorbikes..thoughts from one who rides with passion

A few thought below re the ACC increases for bikers.

A rider can only be on one bike at one time therefore the risk profile of any person cannot be raised regardless of the size and number of bikes he or she owns.

The ACC risk profile of bikers apparently includes those who race or who go on one of the many weekend off road races or gatherings and accidents on farms including 4x4s are included. None of these situations require machines to be are registered for the road. Take these out and the statistics begin to improve dramatically. We are currently expected to subsidise the above which is not right.

Add in the number of accidents caused by car drivers (around 60% I believe). If its user pays then car drivers are being subsidised by us not the other way around. This needs to be reversed.

Any ACC levies should be attached to the individual’s licence rather than each machine. We know 10% of the drunks and drug abusers cause 90% of the problems, recidivism is alive an well. Attach levies to those who are breaking the law e.g. 20 demerit points = $200 pro rata up to 95 points =$950 levy before you can register or warrant your car or bike  for road use. This would soon stop the dangerous people hitting us.

Put the levies into driver education and introduce a better graduated system such as in Japan.

Finally its rather obvious what this government is doing, we are not all stupid sheep as they may think.

The minister creates a huge issue by saying ACC is costing mega bucks, he then scares people into thinking they must pay very much more.

Once the higher levies are in place this then becomes attractive to insurance companies and he gets to sell off ACC.

Competition and choice is a catch-phrase or right wing governments without social conscience (like ours).

Hang on… ACC is the best and cheapest system in the world envied by many countries far more litigious than ours where lawyers cream a great living from other peoples loss and grief. Do we want to go there? ACC was set up as a service NOT a business and that’s actually OK.

Look what happened with railways  or power generation, distribution and supply – when it was GVT owned the infrastructure was in place. Introduce the profit motive and things are cheaper for a while then it all changes as profits go offshore and infrastructure is run down through lack of investment .

Come on Kiwis make your protest, put in your submission, see your MP. Lets not roll over and accept the lies and half truths we are being fed.

David Croft

About  the Author

David Croft works for Central TAS as a Programme Manager for the Regional Mental Health and Addiction Services Department. A keen motorbiker who would rather be riding along with his kids on a nice day in Wellington.

If you would like to get in touch with David you could email him @

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