As the name suggests, the tool has been released to identify issues that affect network performance between End User devices and Office 365 in particular Workstations that access Office 365. The tool is not intrusive in any manner and does not collect any personally identifiable information (PII) data. The tool can help identify and in some scenarios troubleshoot connectivity issues as well. The following list of parameters are testing by the tool

  • DNS and ISP details
  • Port requirements for Office 365
  • Device information such as the OS, browser and hardware configuration
  • Traceroutes and Bandwidth information
  • Download and Latency statics
  • Ping statics

Currently the tool is only supported from Client OS’s such as Windows 7 and Windows 8. Download the tool from here .


  1. Install the tool

  2. Accept the EULA

  3. Option to choose between the Exchange and SharePoint Analyzer

    For sake of this post, SharePoint Analyzer will be used

  4. Choose the option to run OCPA a few times in the background to get an overall picture

  5. The Analyzer starts running, so time to get some coffee

  6. Some of the results after the Analyzer has completed

    Traceroute shows

    Lots of information that can be quite useful to understand or troubleshoot a client’s SharePoint Online.

Exchange Online Analyzer

Some interesting results

Doing an Ipconfig/flushdns to check if it helps

Traceroute details

Very useful tool for anyone doing Office 365 deployments.