Finally, it’s here. I had been waiting for traditional Domain Services offered by On-premises / Cloud Hosted IaaS VM Domain controllers to be made available as a PaaS Offering.

The video below talks about the service in a little more detail.


So let’s take it for a spin.


  1. Azure Network
  2. Azure Active Directory

For the sake of this post, there is a domain called as demodomainsvc.local and a network called as demodomainsvcntwk. There is going to be one VM that will be provisioned on this Azure VNet which would then join the Domain services.

  1. First and foremost, I have the Network setup as shown below

  2. Created a Windows 2012 R2 server within this network.
  3. Head back into the Azure Active Directory section and click on the corresponding directory , click Configure and browse to the bottom of the page to view the Enable feature as shown below

  4. You may want to change the DNS registration for this domain to one that meets your Internal domain requirements , for example .local etc.

  5. Choose the VNet that this service is going to be active

    This process does take a while (today) to complete.

  6. The finished configuration will display as below

  7. Jump back to the Azure VNet configuration to enable the DNS servers show above

  8. Restart the VM so that it registers with the above settings. Nslookup test will show the following result

  9. Registering the server to the new domain

  10. Enter the credentials for your global admin

That’s pretty much it , Azure VM joined to Azure Domain Services. No more domain controller. (well maybe not just yet J )