Deploying a Remote Desktop that required Office 2013 to be part of the software that are installed for your users? Office 2013 and in specific Office 2013 Pro Plus can be deployed onto this Remote Server / Desktop using a new installation Technology called Click-To-Run. This method can also be used to deploy Office locally within a network as well.

Traditional Method

The traditional large scale deployment of Office application involved a Volume Licensed version of Office that was activated using Key Management System (KMS) or Multi-Activation Key (MAK). The actual deployment process involved the use of a Windows Installed based (MSI, exe) version of Office by using either Network shares, GPO or one of the versions of System center.


The new improved method of deploying Office provides for a faster installation, so that users can be up and running Office fairly quickly. The process involves the use of new deployment, licensing and activation methods.

Licensing changes

With Office365, licensing is no longer device based, rather it is a monthly subscription on a per user basis. Users can install Office 365 ProPlus on up to 5 computers by utilizing a single Office 365 license.

Activation Changes

Activation happens automatically the first time a user runs Office 365 ProPlus deployment. Activation requires Internet connectivity. Ensure that the machine is connected to the Internet at least once every 30 days.

What do you need?

  1. Download the Microsoft Office Deployment Tool for Click-To-Run from here
  2. Install the tool to extract the deployment tool to a folder

  3. The extracted tools are shown below

  4. Copy this tool to the Remote Desktop Server / Desktop.
  5. Create a folder and share the folder as shown

  6. The next step is to modify the configuration file. First and foremost, Office media needs to be downloaded to the Share so that it can be deployed. This involves modifying the configuration file. A sample modification is shown below

    Once configuration file is ready, open either PowerShell or CMD to download the Office Pro Plus media.

    .\setup.exe /download F:\Software\configuration.xml


  7. The download should be completed fairly quickly. Once that is complete, go ahead and complete the installation process by running the setup using a different parameter to configure as shown below

    .\setup.exe /configure F:\Software\configuration.xml


  8. The installation progress will be visible over here

    And that’s it!