A new Azure IAAS VM deployment has been having an issue opening any Microsoft based sites, MSDN, TechNet, Live.com etc. The symptom also shows up while trying to get live accounts authenticated against any of these sites.

The issue can be resolved by doing an Ipconfig /flushdns.

But that is not a practical solution to do a flushdns each time the server has a problem resolving these sites.




Doing an ipconfig /flushdns resolves the problem as shown below


For the sake of this post, let’s say this platform has two domain controllers that provide DNS service for the rest of the VM’s within its domain. Logging onto each DNS Server Manager, the servers would have an entry for each other server has its forwarder.


In order to resolve this issue, enter the IP address for Google’s Public DNS service which is


Let’s try that again on a VM that hasn’t had its DNS Flushed,

Straight away without any issues.