Long weekend in Auckland. After a gruesome 10 hour journey, tired and feverish, thought I will check up on Sydney TechEd pretty quick, just in case they decided to have an update on the Australian Azure Datacentres.

Guess what?


So looks like at the moment, there are only options to get the A Series and Basic Tier VM’s. The A series is currently available till A7 sizing. I think it’s just a matter of time when the rest of the platform woks in parallel to the other datacentres. There are two datacentres currently within the Australian Region: Australia East and Australia South East.

On an average I was getting latency of around 26ms between a VM hosted at the Australian East Datacentre and Auckland. Same VM had a latency of 36ms towards Wellington.

I am pretty excited about the fact that we can have an Azure Datacentre this close to New Zealand. Just need to wait for all the features that are available within the other regions to be made available here as well.