Microsoft has just released a bunch of Service Packs across the board for Office Web Apps, Exchange, SharePoint and Office Applications.

Service Pack 1 release brings your existing / current installation to the following farm level: 15.0.4569.1000

This post is basically touching the Yammer and OneDrive Changes.


First and foremost, Yammer still stays back on its own platform. Corporate Yammer solution can then be integrated with SharePoint 2013.


SkyDrive is now known as OneDrive and OneDrive for Business. OneDrive for business exists on O365. The O365 site is then integrated with SharePoint 2013 through an elaborate configuration page.


Post Deployment of Service Pack 1 on the SharePoint 2013 platform


Before Yammer is activated, users have the ability to continue using their Newsfeed functionality

Once Yammer is activated users are presented with the following message while visiting their “Newsfeed” site.


So clicking on the Yammer Icon is meant to take you to your corporate Yammer Site, which should become the basis for any future interaction of newsfeed as shown above. Integration with Yammer also gives you the ability to stay on top of your corporate social feed via Browser, Desktop or the Mobile App that is also available.

With the Yammer App that is also available via the store, this should provide for a single sign on approach, rather than jumping multiple sites to get your information. There is also the option to keep a Newsfeed web part on your site as shown below to get a more central location to your “Newsfeed” via Yammer.


Within properties for User Profile Sync Service, there is an option to choose “Yammer” or “On-Premise SharePoint Social” functionality as well. This is pretty much similar to Activating or dev-activating Yammer functionality.






SkyDrive has been renamed to OneDrive and brings in the feature to integrate your OneDrive site to 0365 for remote storage capability


The first and foremost advantage of this integration would be the ability for users to access these documents on the fly from any device even while being outside of their corporate network. Another benefit for corporates would be the reduction in storage and maintenance overhead. This is however optional if the corporate policy decides not to head down the O365 path as well. The configuration is pretty straightforward.


SkyDrive Pro Sync capability that was available has been renamed to OneDrive Pro for Business as shown below

Before Sp1 for Office 2013 is applied.

Post SP1 for Office 2013 has been installed:

The new OneDrive folder

The syncing tool is shown below

Will write another post on how the redirection to O365 works and its benefits.