The following steps need to be completed on all the Web Front Ends that serve the SharePoint site. URL Redirection can be achieved through load balancers as well. This post shows how to achieve it at an IIS level if Load balancers or other edge based devices do not exist. The need for this came for a project that was recently built on Azure.

So what this post will try to achieve is: when user types
we need it to be redirected to

Steps Involved


  1. Download the following IIS module URL Rewrite from Microsoft.

  2. Install the module on all the Web Front End SharePoint servers that serve the web page.

  3. Once installed, restart the IIS manager and the module should be available within the Action Pane

  4. The URL Rewrite can be used to create the following rule to redirect http traffic to https or the following code snippet can be embedded onto your web config file for the site directly and it will action the same change
    At this stage it is also recommended to switch the default web site to “Stop” and also create a binding on your SharePoint site (which should have an existing 443 binding) to have a port 80 binding as well.

    That’s pretty much it, the site should now automatically redirect / rewrite your URL from http to https.