Mysites on SharePoint 2013 brings the capability to aggregate all the tasks associated with the user on his page. But recently we faced the following issue:

  1. Ability to create tasks from Mysites without any issue.
  2. Any tasks assigned to the user from any other location doesn’t show up as shown below and also displays the error.

Before digging into fixing this issue, a bit of deep dive into My Tasks and SharePoint 2013.

What is it?

Basically within the Newsfeed site on SharePoint 2013, My Tasks list aggregates and shows all the SharePoint and Project Server (if installed) tasks that are assigned to a particular user. The tasks can be either private tasks or public tasks. SharePoint Online also has the capability to have this list displayed. This feature however is not supported in a cross farm configuration.

What is required to get it running?

  • Search Service Application – very important to have this service enabled and running. Aggregator checks every 3 hours for any new “Tasks Lists”. Though the aggregator would look for SharePoint events / hints, they are known to have not activated an aggregation and hence the importance given to the indexer. Very important to have an Incremental / Continuous Crawl running.
  • Work Management Service Application (WMA) and the service running on the server.
  • User Profile Synchronization Service

Refreshing the My Tasks Page

The code behind aggregator is triggered by simply visiting the page within Newsfeed Site as long as the last trigger was older than 5 minutes. This delay is to preserve the performance of the SharePoint farm. This can be changed using PowerShell but highly recommend against the same for large farm deployments.

So what went wrong?

  1. Work Management Service wasn’t running

  2. Search wasn’t indexing anything yet. No indexer meant aggregator could potentially be not performing any aggregation as well.

Fixing the issue

  1. Created a WMA service from Central – Quick and easy
  2. Created Incremental Crawls to happen across all the content sources, setup people search, my sites search.
  3. Made coffee and waited.
  4. Didn’t work. Bit more digging around the web mentioned that the App Pool accounts for the Site and WMA service should be the same. Not ideal solution but gave it a shot.
  5. It didn’t work at first, but then, I deleted my existing WMA Service Application and recreated it, but making sure the App Pool ID that I used was the same as my Web Applications.
  6. And it worked.