• Windows 2012 Server with SharePoint 2013 (March PU) and SQL 2012 Sp1 Installed
  • Zen Load balancer – to see how APP Management handles through Load balanced URL’s
  • APP Management URL within a domain called for the SharePoint farm hosted on domain.

Steps Involved:

  1. Creating a Forward Lookup Zone within the DNS Platform
  2. Within the Forward Lookup Zone Creating a CNAME for the Apps Domain created in step 1
  3. Starting Subscription and App Management Service within the SharePoint farm
  4. Configuring App Management Service within the SharePoint farm
  5. Configuring within Central Admin for the App MGMT URL


Creating a forward Lookup Zone

  1. Open your DNS Manager from your DNS Server.
  2. Right Click on your Forward Lookup Zone and choose to create a new Zone

  3. Finish the wizard for the new app domain that would be hosted within the domain

Creating a CNAME for the Apps Domain

  1. Browse to the new domain that was created above
  2. Right click to create a New CNAME Record.
  3. Provide a “*” to indicate the entry will be a wildcard entry for the domain ( Explanation at the end when the URL’s for the apps get generated J )

  4. The entry is pointed at the Load balancer VIP (Virtual IP) which will send any traffic that hits that IP and Port onto the SharePoint 2013 farm.
  5. Verify that the domain has been setup properly by pinging

Starting Subscription and App Management Service within the SharePoint farm

  1. Either browse to Manage Services on Server and start the following two services or Use PowerShell to get them started:
    1. App Management Service
    2. Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Subscription Settings Service

Configuring Subscription Settings within the SharePoint Farm

  1. Using PowerShell configure the subscription settings

    Sample Script:

    $appPoolSubSvc = New-SPServiceApplicationPool -Name “SharePoint(SPPOC)Subscription App Pool” -Account $account -EA 0

    $appSubSvc = New-SPSubscriptionSettingsServiceApplication –ApplicationPool $appPoolSubSvc –Name $SettingsServiceApp –DatabaseName $SubDB

    $proxySubSvc = New-SPSubscriptionSettingsServiceApplicationProxy –ServiceApplication $appSubSvc


Configuring App Manager Service within the SharePoint Farm

  1. Configure a new App Management Service to run within the SharePoint farm via PowerShell or via Central Admin


Configuring the App Management URL via Central Admin

  1. Browse to the APP Section within Central Admin and click on Configure App URLs section

Restart the Server / Server Farm

  1. Very important that all the servers within the farm is restarted.


Create an Access Services App to be provisioned within a site

  1. Steps are here for creating an Access Services APP (Post is in the oven currently being baked)
  2. Browse to the site that you would be creating the Access app and browse to site contents and click on Add an APP

  3. Browse to the page that displays Access APP


    These are the steps that are required in getting App Management Service running within the SharePoint Farm.



Troubleshooting : Please check this post for some tips: