This post basically covers the steps required to get Access App running with a Site Collection on SharePoint 2013. There are several gotcha’s so have a good read through it. Highly recommend reading the link to the blog post at the end as well.

Get App Management Service running using this post:

Create Access Services 2010 Service Application

  1. Create a new Access Services 2010 service application via PowerShell or Central Admin

Note: Only required if you need backward compatibility.

Create Access Services 2013 Service Application

  1. There are some gotcha’s and pre-requisites that your database server should meet before turning this service application on:
    1. SQL Server should be running on Mixed Authentication Mode
    2. Full-Text Search should be enabled.
    3. Enable Contained Databases
    4. Within the application pool running both the services browse to Advanced Settings- Process Model and Turn Load User Profile to True
    5. Set a Key under Secure Store Service Application
  2. These requirements may not be part of standard SharePoint 2013 setup. Restart your application server once the change has been done.
  3. Errors that are usually received:

    Fix: Check the pre-requisites that are mentioned above. Give the App and SQL server a restart once those changes have been committed



    Fix: To get around this problem, create a blank Web Application with “NO HOST HEADER”. Then go stop / delete Default Web Site.


Good read for setting up Access Services App on SharePoint 2013: Post by Kirk Evans