Recently we had a customer, who had their emails hosted with another provider and only wanted to use SharePoint Online. Their users were all setup within SharePoint Online / Office 365 Portal but there was no option to update their official / work email ID.

Due to this, when setting up alerts within SharePoint for the users to be notified the following error will occur:

One of the reasons this occurs is the fact that this customer was not using hosted Exchange within Office 365 and hence their account never got associated with an Email Address.



  1. Open and login with Global Administrator privilege
  2. Click to Manage your SharePoint Online portal and head to User Profiles under Administration Center
  3. Click on User Properties from the right hand Action Pane.
  4. When the list of User Properties open, browse to Contact Information and hower the mouse over Work Email. Click to edit as shown

  5. Select the two properties as shown below , option to replicable (so that the property gets passed to all the sites) and also the ability for users to edit the values for this property.

From here on, every user within the organization that requires their Work Email updated would need to do the following

  • Open their SharePoint Online site within their unique login.
  • Drop down the menu under their name on the top right hand corner and choose to open My Site as shown

  • Once My Site page is opened , instruct users to click on My Profile and once the page is open click on Edit My Profile as shown

  • Browse to Contact Information and users will be able to update their Work Email as shown

  • Once this process is complete, I recommend waiting for at least a few hours before users go and setup alerts on the pages they require.
  • Once that is complete, users will now be able to head to Setting Up Alert and be able to see their work email showing up with the setup page as shown