I have been having some strange issues with a new SharePoint 2010 farm that I had been building over the last couple of weeks.

As per usual, I have got multiple environments, DEV, UAT and PRD etc. All the base Windows 2008 R2 Sp1 servers were built and fully updated. SharePoint binary was installed and updated to Feb 2012 CU.

The Symptoms:

  • Cannot retract any service application once they have been provisioned
  • Cannot extend my Index partitions to other query servers.
  • And my favourite …. NO ERRORS!!!!

The screenshot below shows a process that has been taking almost 2 hours to complete and I am sure it will time out soon

  • The other symptom was that the SharePoint 2010 Administration service looks like it never started. A manual restart of the service and a reboot of the server proved that it doesn’t restart on boot up of the server.



Party Time:

The following window looked promising:

Hope this helps with any new deployments of SharePoint 2010.

Trevor Seward has a fix that is also highly recommended http://sharepoint.nauplius.net/2012/06/after-applying-kb2677070-sptimerv4-and.html which involves downloading the updated Root Certificates .