Finally a match made in heaven. Frankly can’t wait to see what more abilities these two would bring to the table once the products RTM.

SharePoint workspace available through Office Professional Plus has been a tool that I have trained quite a few of my customers to use. Whether it was your ON-PREM SharePoint solution or Office 365. It was a beauty that just worked for users.

So with this post, let’s take a quick look at some of the Sync capabilities, online and offline with SharePoint 2013 and Office 2013.

I have a site that contains a document library that I would like synced with my workstation to begin with.

At the top right hand corner you would notice the new “SYNC” option available with SharePoint 2013 sites.

If you get the following message, it would be because you are trying to enable the sync option on a device that does not have Office 2013 installed on it. In this example the SharePoint server.

Jumping back onto the workstation, with Office 2013 preview installed I get the following window

Choose a new location to save your documents :

And click Sync Now

And here we go

The document in the above screenshot already existed within the document library on SharePoint. Let’s try adding a document directly to the SharePoint Libraries folder from your Windows Explorer

Within your taskbar you should be able to see the new Sync manager

The following icon’s show that only one of my files is currently sync’d

Also noticed you don’t have to manually sync. Adding the file properly within the folder enables the sync to happen almost instantly.

Woop Woop

And within my document library back on SharePoint 2013

So basically , this gives me the ability to sync this folder / document library when I am back online , if I had been offline and have saved files / folders on my workstation.

Brilliant! Kudos to the team!