First of all many thanks to the SharePoint Product Team for getting this feature into this version of SharePoint. Basically what it means is that, from PowerShell you now have the ability to create a new Site and specifying a parameter to enable the new site to be created into its own specific content database.

This basically means that, you don’t have to put your default Web Application content database

  • In offline mode
  • Specify Maximum and warning number of sites to force SharePoint to create the new site under another Database.

A lot of times, developers develop SharePoint sites which perform specific functionality under a specific Web Application. Once the different apps are ready they might have a requirement to go into under a single web application which has to have a root site and the apps sit under a specific managed path and so forth. One of the reasons for developing apps separately was give them the scope of visibility for their code across that specific content database. For an IT pro perspective it also meant that we could take specific apps offline for maintenance from a database level 🙂

So basically below I first run a script to create a web application called http://testapp1 which would sit under a content database called SP2013_Content_testapp1. I will then create a team site which would be the root site to sit under the main content database as well.

Once that is completed I will created a managed path called /projects under http://testapp1 and have a new site created under projects which will be contained within its own content database.

After creating root site collection using Team Site

Now to create a new managed path called projects under the main web application and then create a site which would sit under its own specific content database.


Woop Woop!