In order to test some search functionality for a project that I am involved with, I decided to add another APP server to my SharePoint farm. Currently the farm:

Basically the farm is currently at August 2011 CU level. I finished building the base Windows 2008 R2 SP1 App server and installed SP2010 binaries onto it which is already slipstreamed with August CU and SP1 updates.

So to join the farm, I started PSconfig and opted to join a farm and bang

This is really weird since it has August CU updates slipstreamed when I installed the binaries. Moreover it is not saying that it is missing all the patches for August CU as well. The links on the message is also prompting me to download the whole August CU package again and install. Weird.

So I decided to confirm if August CU got installed properly or not. Pointed the app server to look at another farm that I knew wasn’t running August CU but rather just SP1 and bang

Message now complains the servers in that farm T1 and T2 don’t have August CU. Weird. If August CU wasn’t installed on this server properly I should have had no problem joining this farm. Weird.

Copied August CU onto the server. Ran it and it finished in less than 2 minutes. Weird

And bang

What happened is that some files didn’t get installed using a slipstreamed August CU. Weird.

Catch y’all next time on Channel Weird.