So, the scenario is that there is an

Authoring URL (Default)

which is built using Claims based Authentication + NTLM

Which has been extended out to a

Anonymous URL (Internet Facing)
which is built using Anonymous +NTLM

They exist under the following zones:

I have set up a Document Library




I did a complete reset of the Index to do a full crawl


Two content Sources to reflect both the URL’s

I started a full crawl and the results are as shown


Now to check for the results from the website

Authoring Site (Logged in as an authenticated user)

Results are as shown below

Anonymous Site (Logged in as an anonymous user)

Results are not showing up

Anonymous Site (Logged in as authenticated User)

Same page that had no results on top changes to the showing results since there is an authenticated user.


  1. Create a new Search Page


  2. Modify  your search settings for your Web Application as shown

From the anonymous site (As an Anonymous User)


In short:

  1. Complete all the work in creating your web application and site collection.
  2. Configure search to do a full Crawl. If you get an error for SSL turn off SSL warning on Search.
  3. Once the complete crawl has completed , test it from your default zone URL which will use an authenticated user to display results.
  4. Try it from your anonymous URL as an anonymous User – you shouldn’t get any results
  5. Now create a new search center – basic search page and have the Scope changed as shown above.
  6. Do an iisreset – just for the sake of it… and try it again.