One of the most asked questions and issues that I hear from clients are about how someone somehow deleted a site or a site collection and they had to recover it by in most scenarios restoring the content databases. Well there is good news with the release of Service Pack 1 for SharePoint 2010 and that is the recycle bin for deleted sites and site collections.

For the post, the playground has the following characters:-

  1. Windows 2008 R2 Sp1
  2. SQL 2008 R2
  3. SharePoint 2010 “SP1”

The SharePoint server was first upgraded with SharePoint 2010 Foundation Service Pack 1 and then with SharePoint 2010 Server Service Pack 1. Server was then rebooted. Once the server was up from the reboot , I ran PSconfig or if you prefer the GUI, SharePoint Configuration Wizard which will display the following screen

Within this SharePoint server I have created a web app called http://hub-temp with a site collection that uses the Team site template

Under the root site I have decided to create another site called http://hub-temp/temp2 using a document workspace template and also added some files onto it as shown below

Now, this site shall be deleted and shall take the steps to recover it as well

The first warning window

And the second window

And confirmation that your site has been deleted

Under the root site > Site Actions > Site Collection Administrator > Recycle Bin you will find the following options

Here you have the option to select the item and either restore the selection or Delete it permanently

And you have your site back

Now for site collections, the only way to recover it is via PowerShell using a new cmdlets called Restore-SPDeletedSite (TechNet Link)

Open SharePoint Management Shell and pass the Get-SPDeletedSite cmdlet to get information about all the deleted site collections

Get-SPDeletedSite | where{$_.SiteId -eq “015c79f7-168b-456d-bbd8-0b0dff1f9cb9”} | Restore-SPDeletedSite


And the whole site is back up and running again. J


PowerShell command for permanently removing Site Collections from the Recycle Bin