SharePoint 2010 and CRM 2011 Integration

SharePoint 2010 and CRM 2011 Integration


References and Credits: and follow him on Twitter!/ryanonrails

  1. Download the CRM 2011 List component for SharePoint 2010 solution from here.

  2. Extraction of the folder will reveal the following items

  3. Open Central Administration and click on Application Management. Then Browse to Web Applications and this will open the web applications currently installed on SharePoint. Highlight the web application that will host the Site Collection to be integrated with CRM as shown below. On the ribbon the icon for General Settings will no longer be greyed out as shown below

  4. Under the Web Applications general settings window that has now opened, browse to the end of the window to the section containing Browser File Handling permissions and click on “Permissive”.

  5. Open your site collection and under site actions, click on Site Settings.

  6. Select Solutions from the Gallery and the following window called Solutions gallery will pop open. Choose upload and browse to the folder that contains the extracted files from step 2


  7. Press upload and the following box will pop up. “CLICK CLOSE”

At this stage, the solution has been uploaded onto the Site Collection properly. The CRM list component requires Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Code Service to be running before you can activate the solution.

For the sake of example, I used Search Server Express 2010 with a SQL 2008 R2 DB server.

The following services were started in order during the installation of SharePoint,

  • State Service
  • Usage and Health Service
  • Search Foundation Search
  • Search Service
  • Sandbox Solution Service – Foundation Code Service
  • Web Analytics Service

So to continue with the CRM integration post,

  1. Before activating the solution, verify that the appropriate service is running

  2. Open either PowerShell or SharePoint Management Shell and browse to the folder that contains the extracted files. Within this folder is a PowerShell file called AllowHtcExtn.ps1. The execution of this file is only necessary if SharePoint is installed on a Domain Controller, for example in a development environment. But I have also found if the VM that has SharePoint installed on it, was previously a domain controller and was “dcpromed” , then run the script. There is no harm in running the script even if you are not sure.


    Remember to add the URL – http://servername at the end as shown


  3. Head back to the site collection and open Solution Gallery under Site Settings again. Click Activate this time , to activate the solution,

    Within a few seconds, the solution will display activated as shown

CRM Server

  1. Open CRM and under Settings , click on Document Management,




  1. Solution not activating :-
  • Installation of SharePoint has been corrupted for some reason.
  • Running of the AllowHtcExtn.ps1 Script wasn’t done with the proper arguments.
  • Didn’t add the Brower File Handling permission for the Web Application.
  1. CRM keeps complaining the List Component is not activated even though the site is valid URL
  • Try adding the site to the Trusted Intranet page
  • Permission to the site for the CRM user. Provide the user with Design Permissions.




  • Ganesh

    How to use a different unique id instead of name while integrating CRM 2011 with sharepoint 2010. For example, when clicking on Documents, CRM should offer to create a folder with Account number instead of Account Name. In case of service request use the SR number instead of the description. Please let me know if someone has worked on a similar requirement and how you have achieved it.

    To add to this I also want to know how we can construct the filter URL to sharepoint. I have a field in Sharepoint called AccountNumber which stores the account number and I want to show only the documents related to this account in CRM 2011. 
    For example http://sharepointserve/documents/AllItems.aspx?FilterField1=AccountNumber&FilterValue1=xxxxxxx 

    We need this because we are having more 100,000 accounts and we don’t want to create 100,000 folders in sharepoint. Instead store all the documents in one place and then use a filter to get the related document. Please let us know the possibility

    • Mohyuddin

      Hi everyone. I have a similar requirement, I want to have some additional column populated from the entity like account number, customer number etc. Can anybody help advise on the same.

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