So one of my SharePoint projects that I am working on requires Federated Stuff and hence for all my testing I require two AD networks. As I have only one single ESXI server with one nic card, I was wondering how best to create a sort of NAT between two Virtual Switches. But since one Virtual Switch is already connected to the LAN and running live servers , I didn’t want to break anything. So I need some kind of firewall between both the different networks. My search led to Zentyal . They have a Virtual Machine appliance which is available here .



Original Network

My Original network was pretty straightforward. I had a router connected to my ISP which leads onto a switch and wireless router that served all my devices and an Esxi Host with One network card that kept all my Domain Controllers, Exchange, SharePoint and Database servers.

I The issue was that this weekend I had to prepare for Demo purposes , Federated Domains with ADRMS and SharePoint , Exchange , Lync and Database servers all existing on another demo domain. No issues building new VM’s and stuff but my problem was that I had only one Interface card on my Esxi host. I was trying to figure out how best can I split my Vmware Network as two different networks but all using the same Router to get to the Internet. I needed a new firewall in front of the New VM farm that I was building. So while all the VM’s were getting provisioned out I had some downtime while I waited.

So this is what I came up on paper. The steps involved where

  1. On my Esxi host, I created a new Virtual Switch and gave it a really meaningful name : Demo Network J
  2. Then Imported the Zyntal VM and gave the VM two virtual network cards. I connected Network Card 1 to the my LAN Virtual Switch, and the other network card to the new Virtual Switch that I created on Step 1
  3. Powered up the VM. The VM got an IP from my LAN DHCP on its Network Card 1 and so I was able to browse to the Firewall through that IP.
  4. Then it was pretty much setting up Gateway properties , Static Routes, a few Firewall rules so that I can RDP to all the servers on the Demo network and share Files and Internet and walla , a completely new network , a new domain with its own firewall and Domain network. Now I just hope my esxi host doesn’t die with all the over congestion.

Some Screenshots

It comes with a Windows style GUI and approach even though its built on linux