Xobni was one of my favourite tools that I had been using under Outlook 2007. But with the migration of my primary Outlook to Outlook 2010, the older version of Xobni was not compatible with it.

So what is Xobni? Well it is a plugin for your outlook that initially does a complete index of your mailbox attached to your outlook. Once the indexing has been complete clicking on any of your emails with in your outlook will display a whole array of details between the sender and yourself. Details vary from the frequency of emails, view their social network updates such as Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter to a one stop place to converse with the sender such as scheduling meeting, sending email or just basically checking your previous email trail/ history.

Woke up today and saw the twitter message that the new version has been released which is compatible with Outlook 2010. Wohoo . So let’s get a good look at it.

Download the latest version from here.


Very straightforward and the default settings are more than sufficient to get rolling. Ensure that Outlook is closed at this stage. Had a speed bump because I had one of my Widgets with outlook opened, Whoops!!

Initial Setup

The initial indexing and starting of Xobni will depend completely on the size of your mailbox. My Mailbox was a couple of Gigs and took an average 15 minutes to index. The older version on my Outlook 2007 took a little bit longer to complete.

What is so cool about its initial setup are the messages that it displays while learning and crunching through the mailbox.

And finally we get the message.

Xobni Console

Click on any email within your mailbox.

You get to see a lot of the features that I spoke about earlier. The frequency of email, the best time to contact the person, easy location of contact details and also a quick access to previous emails, attachments and other email objects shared with this user.

The new version of Xobni attaches itself it the right hand pane of the outlook Window. The previous version used to sit in between the Message pane and the calendar pane. I personally like the new view better.

Some of the other shots from its console such as twitter Facebook access and scheduling a meeting. I love the email that it automatically generates when asking for a good meeting time because it sends an email with all the options for a whole week.

With Outlook 2010 you have the ability to have more than one Mailbox that connects to your Exchange. So was good to see that Xobni even indexed my other mailbox and enables me to make use of its features too.

Now all the features shown above are from their free version. With the Xobni Plus version you get some more features.

Xobni also comes with a Blackberry version called Xobni Mobile and you can integrate it with your Xobni Outlook so that your contacts and other items are fully synced Xobni One .

So ya have a play with it with the free version and see if it serves your purpose. If you have further query get them at


Facebook and their blog is at

Xobni Blog

With the update to Outlook 2010 I should seriously look into getting a Xobni Plus license.

I am sure I will be getting more questions about why get Xobni since Outlook 2010 has most of the features that are shown here. I shall soon do a post about the comparison between the two.

Watch a quick video if you want more info