Forefront Threat Management Gateway is the new revamped face of ISA servers which used to perform the functions of Edge Security gateway servers for networks. Its core functionalities include providing protection from WAN/Internet based threats and also providing means for secure Internet connectivity for Small to Medium Size organizations.

It is a critical part of the Essential Business Server package by being part of the Security Server.

One of the functionalities for Forefront TMG would be its reporting functionality which is able to provide either a :-

  1. One time Report
  2. Recurring Report

solely depending on the needs of the network administrator. There are also options around customized reports for:-

  1. Summary Contents
  2. Web Usage Contents
  3. Application Usage Content
  4. Traffic and Utilization Content
  5. Security Content
  6. Malware Inspection Content

On EBS 2008 you may come across the following problem when trying to generate a report.


To fix the issue open IIS Manager 7.0 and click on Application pool and select ReportServer$ISARS and choose advanced settings either from the right hand actions pane or by right clicking the option and choosing advanced settings as shown below


Under the advanced settings change the value for Enable 32-bit Applications from False to True as shown below


Close all the windows including IIS 7.0 manager. Once that is done go back to Forefront TMG and try to run the report as shown below


The generating report window will pop up next


Once that is compelted the report will open up inside the browser as shown below.


These reports can be configured to save on a network share or have it emailed out via the exchange server.