Dec 18th 2010

Update: New Post involving SharePoint 2010 Server Farm Deployment Series Part 1 – Installation can be found here

Original Post

Yay! Finally after weeks of anticipation, Microsoft released the  beta version of the SharePoint 2010 product line. I had been delaying the SharePoint project at work so that we could get started on the newer and meaner SharePoint 2010. Don’t get me wrong WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007 had revolutionized the concept of SharePoint, but then why not wait for 2010?

Considering the size and requirements of our firm, SharePoint 2010 Foundation Server would be serving our needs as we try and find our foot with it as well.

So this will be the starting blog as I take a deeper dive into SharePoint 2010 Foundation Server and what it has to offer.

My Pallete for the installation:-

Windows 2008 Standard SP2

Virtualized (Dhaaa! )

So lets get into it.

Get your SharePoint via MSDN or TechNet and also available via Public Download

Installation Phase

The installation was fairly straightforward with a few speed bumps which are easily avoidable.

  1. Double click the beta exe file and it will start extracting the setup files


  2. Next you will be presented with the following screens and the options. First thing I fell in love with SharePoint 2010 was the fact that I got all my prerequisites in one place wohoo. (So I thought)


  3. Here you can see the list of Prerequisites that are needed and they can be installed as easily as next next option.


  4. Towards the end you get the following screen


    Which shows the end of installation of the prerequisites.

  5. So you get back to the original screen and start the Install SharePoint Foundation option


  6. And then I hit Speed bump 1. One of the error message was because of reboot requirement after I uninstalled my dev WSS 3.0.


    After reboot and restart of the installation I hit Speed Bump 2 but with a difference


    But I thought I had all the prerequisite software’s installed.


    And then I found this on TechNet


    And couple of clicks away


    I was able to get down and dirty with my SharePoint installation


    And then onto the configuration page